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Frequently Asked Questions

Searching existing Patents is a must to know the scenario of IP rights as it exists in a particular field. When filing a Patent, the Patent claim & specification writing depends on Search to adequately protection an invention.

To protect your trade name or brand name or Logo you have to file an application for trade mark registration. You can start using the TM mark in the top right hand corner of your trade mark as soon as the application for Trademark Registration is filed.

However, the R within a circle mark ® can be used only after the trademark is registered.

Registering your Trademark gives you the rights. But it is up to you to defend your Trademark. New Trademarks are getting registered all the time. Some of them might infringe your already registered mark.

You should actively defend your trademark. When a new Trademark — that infringes your mark — is in the stage of 'Advertised before acceptance' it is easier (& cost-effective) for you to oppose and protect your Trademark.

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