A tribute to Sri.N.R.Natarajan


Sri. N. R. Natarajan or NRN as he was known was born in 1932. He studied B.L. in Madras Law College and practiced as a Junior Advocate in the Law Offices of Advocate Sri. Sankara Mudaliar of Salem. He joined as an Assistant Public Prosecutor in 1962 and retired in 1990. A very duty conscious and a knowledgeable lawyer in the criminal side, he had to restrict his professional ambitions to serve the family. NRN had been a heart patient from 1980 and had to restrict his movements a few years after his retirement and move over to Chennai to remain with our sons. He had another heart attack in 2000 and early 2003 and went through a heart bypass operation in June 2003. The prolonged medical treatment had made him very weak. He suffered both liver and renal failure in August 2003 and passed away after 16 days of intense treatment on September 12, 2003. He was immensely pleased with the support and affection he received from his family.

We found during his last days that to treat liver failure only one treatment was available at the moment in India and although the process was not patented in India, even the knowledge of it is rare is Hospitals. A process that is not patented in India can be easily duplicated and applied without legal consequences in our country. However the Hospitals here lack this legal knowledge and the treatment called as liver dialysis costs around Rs. 200,000 (Rs. 2 Lakhs) per session and had to be done at least three or four times to enable the liver to recover on its own. Depending on the condition of the patient, this may be needed again and add hospital costs and only multimillionaires could afford this.

The strange thing is that the whole equipment needs only a modification of existing kidney dialysis machines and the costs of modification may be around Rs. 200,000 only and the cost of the add on equipment per session which is commercially available in Europe may be about Rs. 15,000 only. When it reaches the patient in India, the cost becomes Rs. 175,000 plus. The European company that has patented this invention in U.S, Europe and Japan sells it an Indian distributor at a huge profit and the Indian distributor distributes it to Hospitals adding its profits and the Hospitals appear to add their own profits. The net result is only a handful of Indians have gone through this life saving therapy for which no patent exists in India. And this treatment is available only in a few hospitals in India. In the process, we found several patents that are not protected in India and that could be put to great use by Indian businesses and Government for the benefit of Indian public in various fields. If you want to know more on this please contact me.

We decided to launch this site so that our failure in saving NRN must become an opportunity for other businesses and hospitals in India and they should be able to get the data and acquire the knowledge and research orientation they need without much of an effort. We need to distribute this message of opportunities to save lives and create a sense of learning beyond what is available in textbooks open to Indian businesses, Hospitals and Physicians so that the knowledge to identify opportunities is spread across India. We are offering some free services to the Legal Community to ensure that this message is spread quickly and the needy people benefit as a result of our experience. And we decided to charge a nominal fee for the complete patent searches as the business houses can afford to pay and that could enable this small website launched with very low capital to self sustain itself for a long time.

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