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India Trademark studio is kind of a website work which is used for small and big business in India which provides both the positive and negative experience on the website. »»» Know more about India Trademark Studio.

Trademark application is a way to protect an institution's trademarks. An institution may lose a trademark if it stops using it, if the proper renewal forms are not filed when required, or if the trademark name evolves into a generic name for the product type, or if proper quality control is not exercised over licenses. An institution can also lose a trademark if it participates in "naked licensing". This occurs when the trademark owner does not monitor the quality of licensed products. To prevent this from happening, institutions must have quality review procedures in place. »»» Know more about Trademark Application.

India Trademark Company is a trademark protection centre in India which provides the industries the most comprehensive suite for trademark protection services in Indian companies. They are specialized in trademark and brand protection industries in India. »»» Know more about India Trademark Company.

Trademark litigation involves a dispute over whether one party has encroached on the other trademark rights. Trade dress litigation involves disputes over whether the distinctive configuration or packaging of a product line has been infringed. Unfair competition claims, often asserted together with trademark claims, can be made when a defendant product is likely to confuse the public as to the affiliation between goods, services or companies. It can also include false advertising. »»» Know more about Trademark Litigation.

Trademark brand was originally developed as a name, term, design, and symbol. Powerful brand can bring success in competitive and financial markets and thus become the markets valuable assets. »»» Know more about Trademark Brand.


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