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India Patent Database Data Extracts

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TMPSearchers introduces Data Extract Service for Main IPCs and Specific Assignees from India Patent Database. Covers 125000 of the 200,000 India Patents granted.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India (PRWEB) December 13, 2007 -- Patent Search Service Provider TMPsearchers ( have introduced customized Data Extracts for Main IPCs and Specific Assignees for the India Patent Database. The Data Extracts cover more than 60% of the India Patent Database.

TMPsearchers a leading India Patent Search agency currently provides free searchable online India Patent Database free for its registered members with free registration and the search facility covers the bibliographic information for about 83000 Indian Patents. Encouraged by the user feedback TMPsearchers have now introduced a value added service in the form of customized Data Extracts for Main IPCs and Specific Assignees for about 125000 India Patent Publications.

The India Patent Data Extracts cover the Patent Number, Patent Title, Application Date, Application Number, Publication Number, Publication Date, Assignee, Inventor, Main IPC, Specific IPC Classes, Abstract, a link to the Patent Image if available, and information relating to Patent Family Data and a link to one of the Family Patents. Full text of one Family Patent can be viewed if available. The report can be generated either for specific Assignee or one of the 622 Main IPC classes. The Data extract is provided in the form of a spread sheet to the client and each data extract report for one Main IPC class or one assignee per year is priced at $100 only.

The Data Extracts are also available for Industry specific Reports covering multiple IPC classes and multiple assignees per year.

According to Ramaswami Natarajan, Patent Attorney for TMPsearchers, the main reason for the creation of the Patent Data Extracts is the customer demand for doing Freedom To Operate searches in India Patent Database to avoid patent infringement litigations in India. In the last two years with the emergence of India as a major Patent filing country, the number of patent infringement litigations has increased and this has led to the realization of a freedom to use or freedom to operate patent searches in the Indian Market. This has created a problem for many patent search agencies as the India Patent Documents are not available easily so far. To remove this problem as desired by users the Data Extract reports are now made available by TMPsearchers at low cost. An additional service provided is getting full text of India Patent Documents as desired by the users after the Patent Data Extracts are reviewed. The service is fast, easy and cheap to fit the needs of both Individual inventors and large corporate.

TMPSearchers provides Worldwide Patent Search services, Patent Drafting Services for USPTO, PCT and India and Patent Registration and Trademark Registration services in India.

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