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Patents published on the Journal dated: 2006-07-21

440 Patents published on ' 2006-07-21'


The invention relates to a self destructive irreversible security packaging water soluble film and method for manufacturing the same. The water soluble packaging film is embedded with various security elements, which will get destroyed irreversibly

Artificial sun is the reflector satellite prepared or covered by mirror will be sent to the gravitation of the earth as like as moon. Then the night will be change to the complete day in all over the world or throughout the world and the light is

A hydraulic power driven machine and generator directed to meet the present day needs of alternative energy sources to drive variety of power consuming units I apparatus. The hydraulic power driven machine and generator of the invention

The present invention relates to CIE SELP HELP Multifunctional Electronic Nursing Beds which are developed and manufactured according to the physiological need of the people who can now sit as comfortable as sitting in a sofa or a chair and that too

: A Method For The Production Of A Red Colorant Utilizing The Strain Of The Microorganism Penicillium Oxalicum Var, Armeniaca And Its Application”
A method for the production of a red colorant, characterized in that cultivating the strain Penicillium Oxalicum Var. Armeniaca CCM 8242 at a temperature of 25 to 30 oC, at a gauge pressure of 50 to 80 kPa, in a broth of pH 3 to 9, containing

: “Cycle Rickshaw”
This invention relates to an electric cycle rickshaw. The electric rickshaw has a main chassis supported on a rear axle provided for supporting a pair of rear wheels. Pedestals are provided between the chassis and said rear axle of the cycle

: “An Improved Process For Sintering Of Silicon Carbide”
The invention relates to an improved process for sintering of silicon carbide. The process of the present invention can be used to produce sintered silicon carbide and silicon carbide based composite material consisting of additives of various

: “Driver Circuit and Method of Operating the Same”
A driver circuit 1000 for driving functional means, such as an LED 1020-1023, a buzzer 1060, a voltage converter or an EL-lamp, and a method of operating the driver circuit are provided. The circuit includes an inductor 1030, first and second

: “An Improved Stop Valve For Controlling The Flow Of Fluids”.
The present invention provides a modified improved stop valve of simpler construction and greater durability suitable for use in public water supply outlets which cannot be willfully tampered with by any

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