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Patent outsourcing is a term used to describe a range of patent related work products offered by an external expert search company to individuals, companies, SME's etc. In patent outsourcing the usual type of activity that a company carries out is the patent searching. Such patent searches are of various types: Novelty Searches, Validity Searches, Infringement Searches and State-of- art Searches. More frequently now, patent outsourcing also offers help in patent drafting and prosecution for clients.

Patents Outsourcing are a well-established patent outsourcing firm, with a seasoned team of patent agents, who have developed cross- discipline skills in patent search, patent drafting, patent prosecution, and have provided quality work across the range of patent outsourcing Patent watch and timely alerts are additional skills from this team.

This team are also Intellectual Property Strategists and would be capable of stretching their clients inventions to cover adjacent and consequent possibilities from the client's ideas.

It is vital that, first and foremost, the client, who outsources their patent needs to an external firm, has full confidence that the work proceeds with the strictest confidentiality. In the field of Intellectual Property Rights, it is absolutely important to maintain confidentiality, in order firstly to preserve the obligatory 18 month secrecy guidelines set by the patenting offices in case of patent filing and, secondly to prevent any leakage of information which may lead to alert to competitors.

Prior Art Searches and Patentability Searches: these are first steps to give the client information related to his invention. The analyst will search the patent databases to seek closest patents to the client's ideas.

The prior art which is found, will provide the basis for assessing the novelty of the client's idea. Once the client is confident that his invention is new and has not been published anywhere else, the next process in securing his rights to his idea is to draw up a patent specification and file this with the national patent office.


The art of patent writing is complex and is best done by patent specialists, such as a patent agents, who have undergone rigorous training and passed patent agent examinations : they provide patent drafts or 'specifications', in which the idea behind the invention and the invention claims are presented in clear technical language. Precision in this patent text is vital, in order to have least obstacles when the patent is examined by the patent office, which will ultimately decide on whether the patent claims are novel or not.

The patent specification is discussed with the client and after approval by the client, the final specification is submitted to the patent office of the country. Specific forms, which designate the date of filing, and the inventors' details, are prepared and filed along with the patent specification. A filing fee set by the patent office will be enclosed with the documents.

Such formalities are thus further aspects of patent outsourcing, and which need to be followed strictly.

The client therefore benefits in having an expert searcher and analyst look over the idea and an expert patent draftsman produce and file the required patent in an efficient, timely and technically correct manner. The outsourcing company thus provides these knowledge specialist services.


After filing, the patent will only become public in 18 months from the filing date: at this point, competitors become aware of the filed contents of the patent.

Next, the patent specification is examined by the patent office experts who will assess whether the invention is novel and non-obvious : if this is the case, the patent is granted and the client may enforce against any competitors who maybe infringing the idea in the granted patent. It is at this stage that a well-searched and well-written patent specification is really useful, as a clearly defined idea will be granted readily. If there is any ambiguity, there will be delay in achieving grant of the patent. Only after grant can the client really defend their idea or product.

On grant, fees become due, which have to be annually paid, in order to maintain the enforceable rights granted in the patent.


In the case where there are questions by the patent office experts while they are examining the filed patent, or if subsequently, there is opposition by competitors to the granted patent, the Outsource Company has patent lawyers who can prosecute the case on behalf of the clients. The questioning of a patent maybe due to a number of issues: such as lack of novelty or obviousness in the judgement of the patent office expert, or some wrongful means of obtaining a patent, or the idea is not patentable at all due to the idea being an anticipation of knowledge already in any local or indigenous community.

These are just a few exemplary areas that are carried out by the patent outsourcing company.

TMP provide the full spectrum of intellectual property works in an effective 'one-stop' service to our clients. The range of service activity includes Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Industrial Designs, Geographical Indications, Integrated Circuits and Trade Secrets.

We also cater to foreign clients for their Indian and International patents.

All patent prosecution work is handled by seasoned experts who are patent lawyers and/or patent agents.

Our world wide, prior-art searches cover patent and technical journal databases in multiple disciplines: Chemical and Life Sciences, which include Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Chemistry, Genetics, Microbiology etc., and Engineering areas, such as mechanical, electrical, electronics, semiconductors, material science, metallurgy etc.

From the search and analysis experts, comprehensive and QC checked search reports are provided that include as appropriate chemical structure analysis and gene sequence searches.

We also provide Patent Portfolio Assessment for competitors and comprehensive IP audit.

TMP also provides services for Drafting Non-Provisional application or Complete specification, PCT patent application, Patent Registration Service, patent Prosecution, and also provides automated free patent alerts for patents that are filed by the competitors.

Additionally, TMP provides service for India Copyright Registration, Domain dispute resolution, India Trademark Services, Logo registration, Brand Registration, Design Registration, World Wide Trademark Search, Trademark Watch Service, Litigation support for Trademark Opposition, support Trademark enforcement proceedings for preventing trademark infringement, Assist clients inUS to prepare USPTO Trademark Application online and E-Filing at low price, response to office actions relating to patent, trademark and other IP's. has a Patent Consulting blog where any client may ask for information or advice for any aspect of Intellectual Property. To know more about this well-seasoned, patent outsourcing company, please visit Our online helpdesk will help with your queries relating to patent, trademark, copyrights or even regarding any litigation or prosecution work. You may leave your contact information on the website for us contact you to assist you in your needs.

Our main branch is in Chennai, with satellite offices in Bangalore and Mangalore.

We feel TMP Searchers is the ideal partner as a patent outsourcing company to provide the best and a cost effective service, with growing global presence.

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