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Prior Art Search

The most general type of search normally associated with the patenting process, results from a search of this type will include patent and non-patent literature which is associated with the topic of interest. The term “Prior Art” is used to describe relevant documents that discuss or provide background on the particular topic.


Patentability/Novelty Search

Conducted to support a legal opinion that the invention they are looking to patent is both novel and non-obvious to someone skilled in the art of that particular subject.

This type of search is very specific to the exact technology that is potentially going to be patented and will look to discover patent and non-patent references that speak to whether the invention is novel and non-obvious.


State-of-the-Art Search

Focused, specific information that is most relevant to a particular topic.

This type of search will also typically include a current awareness component for ensuring that the latest information is available on a topic.


Validity Search

Often associated with patent litigation this search will attempt to discover “art” (either from patents or from non-patents) that was available in the public domain prior to the priority filing date of a patent of interest.

This type of search can also be conducted by organizations that are looking to invalidate a patented invention which is blocking them from conducting business.


Infringement Search

Often performed to support a legal opinion that an unauthorized party is, or is not, using a patented technology without the permission of the individual or organization who owns it.


Freedom-to-Operate/Practice Search

An organization will typically conduct a search of this nature to support a legal opinion that a product does not infringe a valid, in-force patent held within the country where the organization is planning to conduct business.


Competitive Intelligence Studies

  • IP portfolio mapping to identify the strengths, gaps and formulate appropriate strategy to invest or divest in specific technologies for major Companies.
  • Analysis of retrieved data with graphs, charts or maps representing the strength of patents, patent trends across various technologies, patent filing pattern and top assignees in relevant technology.
  • Indication of emerging trends in R&D and Product Development through Competitor Patents Analysis.
  • Correlates R&D investments to patent filings for competitor portfolios.
  • A complete SWOT analysis with comparison to Competitor's IP portfolio.







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