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Copyright Patent and Design Act

January 26th, 2009 | by Ramaswami |

Intellectual property law mainly deals with copyright, patent, and design act.

Copyright law deals with Subject Matter of Copyright, Copyright regarding Design, Pictures, Photographs, Author and Ownership of Copyright, Rights conferred by Copyright, Registration of Copyright and Regulating Authorities, Terms of Copyright
Infringement of Copyright, Remedies Against Infringement, Assignment or License of Copyright, Copyright Societies.

Copyright intellectual property law, includes Copyright Act and 1957 Copyright Amendments.

Patent law deals with Procedure for Obtaining Patent, Opposition to Grant of Patent, Infringement of Patents, Passing of the Patent Rights, Action for Infringement, Rights and Obligation of a Patentee, Acquisition of Invention of Patent by the Government, Compulsory Licenses and Licensees of Rights.

Under patent intellectual property law, it includes Patents Act, 1970 Patents (Amendment) Act, 2002 Patent (Amendment) Rules 2005 Patent Rule, 1972 Patent Rule, 2003,PCT Applications ,Exclusive Marketing Rights ,Publications ,Manual of Patent Practice and Procedure ,General Information for filing of Patent applications and Salient features of the Patents (Amendment) Act, 2002 and the Patents Rules, 2003.

Under design act law, it includes The Design Act 2000, The Design Rules 2001Draft Designs (Amendment) Rules 2003, and Design Notification General Information for filing of Design Application and Ten steps to Designs Application Design intellectual property law deals with Procedure of Registration and Piracy of a Registered Design.

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