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These days patent information is provided by various websites and consultancies all over the world. The information consists of searching, filing and drafting of patents. Every government patent office sites have brief information about patents.
An inventor who likes to file patent application needs all the patent information of how to file, how to search and how to draft a claim. All the questions can only be answered by efficient patent agents or advisors or attorneys. These attorneys help the inventor in filing the applications with all legal informations protected. He also helps by protecting the inventor’s invention through the legal proceedings.
The following important patent informations needed are,

Claim drafting is a very important art in filing patents. It should contain all related data’s that what the invention is about, how is it related, how it is useful to humans. A person who is skilled in that art could able to understand and perform it. The application must have the drawings which describes about the invention in a flow chart.

In our consultant agency we offer free patent online course for student and others. We provide details about how to file the application, what are the types of application available in India, US, Europe and Japan and other countries. We also give free sample application for you to have live experience of filing the application. We provide detailed summary on claims and to go about drafting it by you.

For example, a patent granted by USPTO is given below, with patent no: 7,152,220 with the title ‘Collaboration engine: adding collaboration functionality to computer software’ with the abstract: The present invention disclosed comprises a method for easily adding collaboration functionality to new and existing software. The invention allows seamless collaborative operations at the whole product level, but very importantly, comprises a method for dividing monolithic work products, such as, but not limited to, documents into physical and logical subsets of the work product. In another major aspect of the invention, there is a method that enables separate control of actions within the complete or subsets of the divided work product. These methods to divide normally monolithic work products and determine what actions can occur within these subsets of the work product enable a number of other processes that are additional aspects of the invention.

Our other services are about searching patent files from USPTO and European databases. We provide a search report which is customized to meet the requirements of each client and our standard report meets most of the normal requirements. Our motto in preparing the report is to meet the specific requirements of each client as per their specifications which we have found in practice to vary from industry to industry and from project to project. We provide services to trademark searches, trademark filing, trademark registration, trademark enforcements, and also for copyright filing, copyright registration and copyright enforcements, jewelry design are also provided. To get broader information about this please visit our other pages also. We are open to all form of comments which will help us improving our quality of work we deliver.

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