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Patent infringement

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There may be Patent infringement for some of the patented products. A patent provides the inventor with the right to exclude others from utilizing the invention claimed in that. If a person utilizes that invention, without the permission of the patent proprietor, they may infringe that patent.

According to United Kingdom patent law patent infringement is defined by Section 60 of the UK patent act 1977(as amended), some types of infringements given are mentioned below; Where the invention is a product, by the making, disposing of, offering to dispose of, using, importing, or keeping a patented product. Where the invention is a process, by the use, or offer for use where it is known that the use of the process would be an infringement. Also, by the disposal of, offer to dispose of, use or import of a product obtained directly by means of that process, or the keeping of any such product whether for disposal or otherwise.

By the supply, or offer to supply, in the United Kingdom, a person not entitled to work the invention, with any of the means, relating to an essential element of the invention, for putting the invention into effect, when it is known (or it is reasonable to expect such knowledge) that those means are suitable for putting, and are intended to put, the invention into effect in the United Kingdom. An action for patent infringement can only be brought after grant of the patent, but damages can be recovered under Section 69 for infringing acts conducted after publication of the application, but before grant, provided those acts infringe the claims both as published and as granted, and provided the defendant can be shown to have been aware of the existence of the patent. The claimer for infringement may be awarded a range of remedies (under section 61), depending on the facts of the particular case. Damages may be awarded to rectify financial harm suffered, an injunction may be granted to prevent further action by the infringer, an account of profits may be ordered, an order for the delivery up or destruction of infringing items may be made or a declaration that it is valid and infringed may be granted to the inventor. Both damages and an account of profits may not be ordered in respect of the same infringement (section 61(2)). Limitations on damages or costs may apply under certain circumstances, for example if the defendant was unaware of its existence (section 62) or where it was subjected to a transaction that was not registered at the PTO within 6 months (section 68).

According to United States law, an infringement may occur when the defendant has made, used, sold, offered to sell, or imported an infringing invention or its equivalent. In U.S. law, no infringement action may be started until the patent is issued. However, pre-grant protection is available in the U.S. In the U.S., 35 USC 154(d) allows for an applicant to obtain a reasonable royalty for infringing activities before a patent is granted. This right to obtain provisional damages requires a holder to show that the infringing activities occurred after the publication of the application 18 months from filing, that the published application is substantially identical to the eventually granted it, and that the infringer has "notice" of the published application.Our Fixed Cost Registration India Service will include: Reviewing your instructions and Preparation of your Trademark application; Filing your application with the Trademarks Registry of India; Payment of Official Fees; Maintaining your File and Free consultation during the time your mark is processed by the Registry; Reviewing confirmation of the filing details and reporting them to you; Reviewing the notification of acceptance of the application or objections by the Office; Notifying you of acceptance of the application or objections by the office; In the case of objections by the office, assisting you to locate a suitable Trademark Attorney for you in India; Advising you of the time limit within which to respond to office actions; In case of Opposition from Third Parties: We will advice you of the opposition by third parties at any stage. We will discuss this with you at the appropriate stage and refer you to a PT Attorney licensed to practice before the Registry of India; Our Fixed Cost India Trademark Registration Service Costs USD 300.

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