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Free Trademark Search Training

Hi Welcome,

The Trademark Search at TMPsearchers is no longer free. However, you can search on your own at a very nominal cost. And it is now available here.

Here you can get familiar with how to search for a Trademark before buying the trademark search permissions. Use the search box below to train yourself. This box searches only a small selection of Trademarks registered in the year 2005. This search box is only for training. The data it searches will not be updated, as it exists only to help you train yourself before starting to search Trademarks at TMPsearchers.

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We do not practice Law, do not offer any Legal Opinion and the information provided is not intended to be Legal advice and must not be taken as such. Data mining and presentation of information collected from various database searches is the service provided. See the detailed Disclaimer here and our terms of service. No copyright is claimed for Government works. Only Government work in public domain is republished here for easier and better accessibility and for research purposes as free information to the public.