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India Trademark Registration

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India Trademark Registration
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India Trademark Registration

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India Trademark Registration - Our Fixed Cost Registration India Service will include Fixed Cost India Trademark Registration Service includes Fixed Cost India Trademark Registration Service does not include
Please see Trade Mark classification page to know to which class your goods or services may belong to. We also offer Trade Mark Watch Services, Litigation support for Trademark Opposition to our clients and also provide assistance in Enforcement Proceedings to prevent Trademark Infringement. We assist US Clients to prepare their USPTO Trademark Application online and E-file pro se at low cost.

TMPsearchers Patent Searching enables inventors to disclose the inventive concept, key features of the invention, prior art known and suggest positive and negative key words for researching databases. Based on Client instructions received, we produce a comprehensive Search Report which includes a document with our analysis, a spread sheet of all relevant and related patents and a Power Point Presentation if needed. Please check our India-Patent-Search Page for more details. We conduct Markush structure based searching for chemicals, Patentability, Freedom to Operate, State of the Art, Claims Mapping, Patent Landscaping, Patent Portfolio Assessment, Validity Search, Non-Patent Prior Art Searches. Our Experts have expertise in multiple disciplines and we perform a Worldwide Search in multiple domain specific Patents Databases and Non-Patent Literature databases.

Our Patent Drafting services meet the requirements of USPTO, EPO, PCT and India Patent Application requirements. We assist overseas clients in India Patent Registration to file their Applications either as a PCT National Phase Application or as Convention Priority based Application and in prosecution and prevent infringement and enforce IPR Rights. Please see PCT National Phase Filing and India Patent Application pages for their Requirements. Our services include Oppositions, Detection of Infringement, taking Enforcement proceedings and assistance in Litigation.

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