India Trademark Registration  Filing to Grant
India Trademark Registration  Filing to Grant India Patent Search and Registration

India Trademark Registration Filing to Grant


India Trademark Registration Filing to Grant

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India Trademark Registration - Our India Trademark Registration Service includes

1.Preparing and Maintaining your File and

2. Arranging you to be represented through our India Trademark Attorney

3. consultation with India Trademark Attorney

4. Preparation and filing of your Trademark application through a Trademark Attorney. Typical Charges of Attorney are Rs. 1750 to 2000. Charges to Attorney are to be paid by you directly to the Attorney concerned.

5. Notifying the Application Number alloted to your application

6. Monitoring the processing of your application by the Registry and Reporting to you Examination Report issued by the Trademarks Registry

7. If the Examination Report is positive, your mark is accepted. In this case, Notifying the acceptance of the application by the office.

7a. If the Examination Report is negative, office raises an objection to the Application. In this case we report to you the objection issued by the office and Advise time limits for responding to office actions.

7b. Enable you to be represented by a Trademark Attorney so as to Prepare and File a Detailed Reply Statement to the Examination Report within one month from the date of receipt of the Examination Report. - Additional Charges as charged by the Attorney (typically around Rs. 5000) to be paid to him directly by you.

7c. Arranging you to be represented by the Trademark Attorney in the Oral Hearing Proceedings. ( Typically around Rs. 3000 per hearing date) to be paid to the Attorney directly by you.

7d. Mark is either ordered to be Advertised Before Acceptance or Rejected by the Office. If it is rejected You may decide to file an appeal before IPAB.

8. Monitoring the publication of your application in the Trade Marks Office Journal and Advising you the publication of application in Trade Marks Journal and forwarding a copy of the relevant page publication to you.

9. Receiving and Transmitting to you the Certificate Received from the Registry.

What is Included in the Fixed Fee
India Trademark Registration Service does not include

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